First "Chiemgau" Dance-Theatre-Festival

Alchemy of Dance

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Workshops and Performances


From 6th – 11th of June 2008 El Haddawi will present the first Chiemgau Dance-Theatre Festival in Bad Endorf in the South East of Bavaria. Various choreographers and dancers from different countries and from different fields of Dance-Theatre are invited as teachers and performers.


We are pleased to offer a very special festival concept: Both the participants and the invited teachers will take part in all workshops together during the whole festival. This creates a very personal and relaxed atmosphere which enhances a good exchange between teachers and students.
The highlight of the festival will be the joint final performance in which the processed materials of the workshops is presented as a laboratory work to a general audience. Participation in this performance is a possibility, but not a "must".


The workshops include a basic preparation for stage work in dance and theatre (warm up, bodywork, mis-en-scene), as well as the invitation to work on aspects of Dance-Theatre as "outer and inner movement", "from emptiness to fullness", "movement and silence" and "emotion and expression".


The concept and artistic outline of the festival are designed by Ingo Taleb-Rashid.
The following professionals will contribute to the festival:


Ana Mondini

"Love and Passion" - Modern Dance with a Brazilian taste


Chiang-Mei Wang

"From East to West - Floating Body" - Tai Chi, Chinese Movement Arts and Modern Dance

Ingo Taleb-Rashid

"Circles, a Human Mandala" - A synthesis of traditional Sufi-Dance with Martial Arts and Modern Dance

Karolina Billing

"Stage – Performance Costume – Expression" - Modern Dance

The workshops are developed for dancers, choreographers and everybody with an interest in dance and bodywork, as well as people that would like to get some stage experience and want to be touched and inspired by the alchemy of dance.