El Haddawi is a school for Movement Concept®, dance, martial arts and bodywork. She teaches at the interface of body work, performing arts and spirituality.

She also maintains a dance theater group (El Haddawi Dance Company), which is composed of members of the school and in project-based collaborations with professional dancers from different countries and styles. 
A first overview of our work (educational training, dance theatre festival, travels, winterschool, ongoing-trainings) you can get from our NEW!! Movement Concept®-brochure (German-English, 2018).

A concern of the work of the school as the dance theater group is the meeting of people from different cultural, national and religious affiliation.
A major source of spiritual inspiration of Sufism. In addition, as part of the work a number of other spiritual traditions and paths come to fruition. The school promotes the exchange between different spiritual paths and body working methods.

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Dance Theatre Danse Macabre in Český Krumlov and Wasserburg August / September 2016
2nd Dance Theatre Festival
; 1st Dance-Theatre-Festival

Winterschool 2011; Winterschool 2010; Winterschool 2009
Winterschool 2008; Winterschool 2007; Winterschool 2006
Winterschool 2005

JAPAN - Nature, Mystic and Avant-garde
Yakutia: Land of the Shamans
Mysterious Japan 2005



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