2nd "Chiemgau" Dance-Theatre Festival „The Spirit of Japan“
(23.10. – 28.10.2009)

The 2nd "Chiemgau" Dance-Theatre Festival will take place from 23rd till 28th of October 2009. In cooperation with distinguished Japanese and European artists we are going to bring contemporary dance into the region again. Together we would like to explore how much Japanese dance and theatre culture and western dance-theatre have influenced each other. An example is the avant-garde Japanese Butoh with its roots in the German "Ausdruckstanz". Butoh was created in Japan and reached Europe afterwards. Western Butoh dancers in turn influenced the Japanese dance scene with their interpretation of the original.

The workshops and performances of the festival will shed light on the subject with the help of various methods and techniques. Invited are choreographers and dancers who are either from Japan or have a strong artistic connection to it. The workshops include a basic preparation for stage work in dance and theatre (warm up, bodywork, mis-en-scene), as well as the invitation to work on such aspects of dance-theatre as "outer and inner movement", "from emptiness to fullness", "movement and silence" and "emotion and expression". The workshops are developed for dancers, choreographers and everybody with an interest in dance and bodywork, as well as people who would like to get some stage experience and want to be touched and inspired by "The Spirit of Japan".
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Teruko Fujisato

Ingo Taleb Rashid, the artistic director of the festival, will introduce again one of his own dance-productions.

The following artists will contribute to the 2nd "Chiemgau" Dance-Theatre Festival:
—  Kei Takei – dancer, choreographer and artistic director of the Moving Earth Dance Company
—  Setsuko Yamada – butoh-dancer and choreographer
—  Teruko Fujisato – classical dancer and choreographer
—  Tetsuya Fukushima – Iai-do master, Noh-actor
—  Gioh Ohuchi - Iai-do master
—  Nisshin Toda – head of the Buddhist Onjuin temple near Tokyo
—  Drumming group "Sakura No Ki Taiko" with Liliana Bulic
—  Tejo Janssen - Butoh dancer and choreographer

Besides the workshops and performances we offer an accompanying program with exhibitions, lectures and happenings by various artists.
Kei Takei   Kei Takei   Setsuko Yamada   Setsuko Yamada

Short definitions of featured Japanese arts:

Butoh: A modern form of expressionistic dance created in Japan in the 1960´s.
The inner world of the performer is here of crucial importance. His or her body is led and moved by personal imaginations. Internal pictures, experiences and memories are expressed or hinted by minimalist movements. Butoh is a dance-theatre style that can range from meditative tenderness to the excessive grotesque.

Noh: A traditional, aristocratic Japanese theatre form accompanied by music. It was created in the 14th century, and its traces lead back to early popular styles of theatre. The main-character usually wears a mask. The traditional content and themes of Noh drama are mostly derived from Japanese or Chinese mythology and literature.

Iai-do: The Japanese “Way of Sword Drawing”, is part of the budo disciplines. It is developed from the martial arts of the old warrior caste of Japan, the samurai. The main purpose of Iai-do is to provide a spiritual way (do) of training.

Shomyo: A Buddhist chanting style, which is considered by its practitioners as a form of meditation.
This tradition of recitation was transmitted in the 6th and 7th century from India and China to Korea and Japan, where it was preserved until today, unlike in the countries of its origin.

Taiko is a traditional Japanese drum. Probably it was originally used in rituals of the shamanistic Shinto religion to summon different deities. The samurai recognized the efficiency of the taiko and used it to aid in military attacks. The taiko has been played in Noh theatre since the 14th century. Later it was brought into other theatre forms.


Besides the workshops and performances we offer an accompanying program of exhibitions, lectures and happenings by various artists.

Festival registrants may attend all events of the festival without additional admission fee.
Non-registrants will be charged a fee of 14 EUR for individual performances.
( 9 EUR reduced fee for students etc.)

If not otherwise mentioned, the events will take place at Marias Kino, Bad Endorf. The given times of the workshops, 10am to 6pm, include break times.



This is my binding registration for the workshops of the 2nd "Chiemgau" Dance-Theatre Festival. I am aware that the organizers can accept no liability whatsoever for damage to persons or property. I am participating on my own risk. The registration will be considered valid after payment of the tuition fee and having sent the registration via the registration form by postal mail or by e-mail.

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Account number (Konto): 3313255
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For money transfers from abroad:
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Tuition fee for the complete festival: 380 €
Reduced for students and for dancers in a professional educational program:
350 €
Early booking rate for everybody until 1st of August:
320 €
Tuition fee for half of the festival:
(from Friday till Sunday or Monday till Wednesday)
200 €
Reduced for students and for dancers in a professional educational program: 180 €
For registrations after October 17th 2009 we charge a last minute fee of 30 .

In case of your cancellation, we keep a percentage of paid tuition and refund the rest:

- Until September 22nd 2009 the cancellation fee is 20% of the applicable course tuition.
- Until October 22nd 2009 the cancellation fee is 50% of the applicable course tuition.
- After the beginning of the festival the whole tuition fee will be kept.

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