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Class schedule

If not otherwise mentioned the events will take place in the winter garden of the hotel "Endorfer Hof" in Bad Endorf.
The given times of the workshops 9am to 5pm include break times.

Friday 6th June

6pm to 8pm: Welcome and introduction to Movement Concept® as a method for dance training
8pm to 9pm: "Play" dance and improvisation

Saturday 7th June

9am to 5pm: Workshop with Ana Mondini "Love and Passion"
from 8pm, Marias Kino: Performance: "Love and Passion in Motion"

Sunday 8th June

9am to 5pm: Workshop with Ingo Taleb-Rashid, "Circles, a Human Mandala"
from 8pm, Marias Kino: Dance film

Monday 9th June

9am to 5pm: Workshop with Karolina Billing, "CO-OPERATION"
from 8pm: Videos of the various instructors

Tuesday 10th June

9am to 5pm: Workshop with Chiang-Mei Wang, "From East to West - Floating Body"
from 8pm, Marias Kino: Final performance: Three laboratory pieces by Karolina Billing "CO-OPERATION", Ingo Taleb-Rashid ("Circles") and Chiang -Mei Wang ("Floating Body")

Wednesday 11th June

Résumé - The Alchemy of Dance
9am to 12am with Ingo Taleb-Rashid and guests