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Floating Body

(Modern Dance with Tai-Chi-Dao-Yin technique)

Chiang-Mei Wang's Modern Dance technique resembles floating in space. The body itself is the water, sometimes calm, sometimes undulating gently, sometimes foaming up, like waves in the sea. Everything is set into motion by inner energy, which is called "Chi" in Chinese. It is set free through deep relaxation. Every impulse of energy coming from the centre of the body, connected to the earth, surges up through the dancer in circular movements and carries on flowing into space. The movements appear to be smooth and supple but are noticeably full of vitality.

Regardless of the affinity to great Western dance techniques, such as Graham-, Limon-, or Release-Technique, Chiang-Mei Wang has developed her own style after ten years as dancer and soloist for the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, Asia's leading Modern Dance Company. For Europeans her new method opens up a new approach to the dancer's bodily possibilities and helps to overcome boundaries and barriers.

The basis for this dance technique is Tai-Chi Dao-Yin, a form of Chinese "shadow boxing", which was developed by Master Wei Shong in Taiwan. It aims to bring about deep relaxation and makes the person more susceptible for the inner body energy as the basic principle of all motion.

Chiang-Mei Wang

After her time as a dancer, soloist and rehearsal assistant at the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan and performances at nearly all big dance festivals in the world (Next Wave Festival, New York, Olympic Arts Festival, Sydney 2000, Sadler's Wells, London, The Adelaide Festival, Australia, Lyon, Biennale de la Danse, Internationales Tanzfestival München, among others ...), Chiang-Mei Wang has now been living in Munich since 2002 and is working as a choreographer and instructor (Tanztendenz Munich, State ballet Nüremberg, State Opera Kassel, Lucerne Theatre, Dance Festival Potsdam, Tanzimpulse Salzburg, Introdans Arnheim, Netherlands, among others). Chiang-Mei Wang was an instructor at this year's 8th El Haddawi Winter School.