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What is stage? How do I visualise stage? What belongs to it? How can I perform or rather transform dance, acting and even my own body on stage? How can I get magic and presence onto the stage? Are performance costumes, colours & light, music, of importance to me?

That is what I would like to work on with the participants of my workshop. A joint project is meant to be created and developed which everybody can contribute to and in which everybody can show his/her own individual impressions, experience and personalities on the stage.

A project for amateurs and professionals alike, a mutual exchange of creativity, dance and music, an exciting experience for everyone.

Karolina Billing

2005 – 2007 instructor for creative children's dance, modern dance and jazz dance at the "Tanzwerkstatt Burghausen". Since 2007 freelance dancer in Vienna.

Training: 1993 – 2002 "Tanzwerkstatt" Burghausen, 2002 – 2005 at the Iwanson School of Contemporary Dance in Munich in the fields of modern dance, ballet, jazz dance, improvisation, partnering, drama and dance instruction.  Graduation as "Student of the Year", thus receiving a scholarship.

Since 2001 performances and teaching in Germany, Austria, St. Petersburg, Copenhagen and Jablonec (Czech Republic). September 2007 dancer in "Danse Macabre" by Ingo Taleb-Rashid at the "Belacqua" theatre in Wasserburg/Inn.