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The word "mandala" means circle and is used as an expression for a round or square symbol with a centre, which was initially applied in a spiritual context. "Circles" was staged for the first time in the year 2004 in Baltimore and was accompanied by the jazz musician Darryl Harper. The work refers to the 99 most beautiful names of god in Sufism and analyses the connection between spoken word, dance and Arabic Calligraphy, which is one aspect of Islamic art. The choreography was originated from the circular movements of sacred dances of the Sufi tradition. The steps depict the divine attributes as a 3-dimensional calligraphy.

Four years have passed since the first performance. During the "Chiemgau" Dance-Theatre-Festival this project will be developed further and brought to the stage as an "Experimental Performance". The interesting part will be the input of the workshop participants, which emerges from the encounter with a different "dance"-culture.

Ingo Taleb-Rashid

M.A., stage director and choreographer, founder and manager of El Haddawi, School for Dance-Theatre and Bodywork, is of Iraqi origin. Studies of Theatre, Politics and Journalism. Founder of Movement Concept, a bodywork system which has been influenced by long time studies of the following fields: Modern Dance, traditional forms of movement and meditation from the Middle East, Theatre Sciences, classical Japanese Martial Arts, Butoh-Dance, NoTheatre, Feldenkrais, Capoeira, classical ballet, Stanislawski Drama Method, stuntman training. He went to Japan and Brazil to study Martial Arts and local culture.  Since 1993 he cooperated repeatedly with Kazuo and Yoshito Ohno. He choreographed, amongst others, the musical "Peace Child", one of the first theatre productions in Israel, in which Jewish and Arab children performed together.

Further productions:
"Danse Macabre", "Warrior Soul", "L’Amour Nomade", "Badehausträume". Performances in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Bosnia, Uzbekistan, USA.